I Am More Than Enough

I sat in front of three career judges at the Fresh Careers Fair smiling warmly and proudly telling them about my dreams, my aspirations and giving snippets of some of the work I have done in the direction of my dreams. They all fell in love with me and commended the fact that I thought about giving back to humanity, most especially my race. The thing is I quickly fell in love with them too because their warmth, commendations and encouragement reminded me that I am more than enough! That my contribution makes a lot of difference and even when it seems like a drop in the ocean, it will surely add up someday and that renewed my hope. It was midday already and I have spoken to almost all the exhibitionist in the hall.

So I finally found myself a place to seat, I reminisced about how far I have come on my journey. It’s been a long winding road and I can assure you the ride has been everything but smooth with loads of bumps and huge potholes that threatened to swallow my very existence but grace has brought me this far. You see I was that timid, shy, insecured girl who failed so hard and made so many mistakes she stopped believing in herself. I was that girl who at some point was so broken she felt like a mirror that has been shattered into a million pieces. I remember sitting on the floor of my room one day with tears rolling down my face like the trickles of rain water on a metal drum and I asked myself, Comfort will you ever be whole again? I have failed so I understand the joy of success, I have been broken so I treasure the gift of wholeness, I have felt inadequate for too long so I allow myself the pleasure of being more than enough, I have been at my weakest so I appreciate strength.

I got tired of being tired, I got tired of feeling so much pain and brokenness and just at that moment it dawned on me I’ve got to do something about it. Little did I know that life was only preparing me to be a light that shines so bright others can be lighted through it. Like a diamond I have to go through the refiner’s fire for the sparkle and the true beauty to be revealed. Like a badge of honour I wear my scars because they remind me of how far I have come and how beautiful my journey has been. Like a butterfly coming out of its cocoon i’m all shades of amazing, like the Proverbs 31 woman I’m clothed in dignity and honour.

I’m still work in progress but for now I take a pause to celebrate me, my new found confidence…it sure looks good on me! To celebrate my strength, my peace and my wholeness. Today I raise my glass in toast to every amazing woman out there. This is to let you know that even if it doesn’t look like it now you are beautiful, graceful and full of strength. I came to tell you that no matter what is happening now you will always emerge on the other side better and stronger if you don’t give up. I said all of that just so you know that you are MORE THAN ENOUGH! Hold on to it, let it seep into your spirit and you will be surprised what you can achieve.

We are on a journey here, fasten your seatbelts…

Transformed: Spirituality, Purpose & Relationship

Yay! It’s my first post and I’m so excited to be starting this journey with all the amazing people out there. For so long I struggled with the idea of writing a blog. It seemed like too much work is involved and somehow I convinced myself I didn’t have enough to say. At other times, the thought of writing fills me with so much fear, the fear of failure, the fear of exposing too much, the fear of the Unknown all kept me bound. Unfortunately fear didn’t just hold me back for so long but I allowed it to conquer me. I convinced myself I’m not a good writer and I have nothing interesting to tell people so I totally abandoned the idea of blogging.

So how did I end up here? What changed? I woke up yesterday feeling burdened in my spirit, I was just not in a good place and throughout the day I struggled. As I laid on my sofa introspecting, I felt a tug in my spirit to start a blog. The amazing thing was without much thought I downloaded WordPress and here I am. I believe what changed was the prompting of the Holy Spirit, he nudged me and I took action. So I woke up this morning with so much clarity about the direction of my blog and I committed it into God’s hand.

This blog is about my transformational journey through life. How I made the connection between my spirituality, my purpose and my relationships. As I write and you read, I pray that God finds expression through my words, that grace flows from this blog to every reader and that the light of God’s word shines into every darkness, illuminating every heart and transforming lives.