#Be Intentional Series
It was a beautiful summer morning and the rays of sunlight that lazily graced my face woke me up from my sleep. I stretched my hand to grab my phone and it was just 7:30am, I honestly wished it was 7:30pm. I had cried myself to sleep again and I wish I would wake and suddenly realise it was all a bad dream but unfortunately it was my reality. I felt like a mirror shattered into million pieces, broken, bruised and shattered.
You see I had just walked out of an abusive marriage at the age of thirty three at the time and the people I relied on for love and support not only abandoned me but betrayed me in the most vicious way. So I felt the stab of their betrayal even more than I felt the brokenness of my marriage. More so, I checked out of the marriage emotionally before I had the courage to step out physically.
My heart was filled with questions, fears, doubts and my face was a constant overflow of tears. Sometimes my grieve will slowly give way to anger, I was angry at myself, at God, my parents and everyone around me. I would ask questions like why me? What went wrong? I was never in a hurry to marry, I tried to be a good girl most times😀, I enjoyed being single and prayed a lot. The  problem is I had gone through life on other people’s terms, plans and basically lived their live not mine.
Anyway, I finally woke up from my pity party, decided I have had enough and it is time to finally get my groove back. I had to face my truth, walk/work my journey with intentionality, unlearn, learn and re-learn. I meant both my software and hardware needs huge reset! I have forgotten who I was, my self-esteem and confidence were in shreds and I was perpetually depressed.
So I set out on this journey of healing, self-discovery and wholeness but this time with God in the equation. I was determined to turn the situation around for good. It took me three years of hardwork, growing intimacy with the Father and learning to walk again in all areas of my life to go the full cycle. Yet I can boldly stand here and say I made it! My life became a blessing to me and everyone that crosses my path.
Trust me the journey back to “YOU” will be your hardest, longest and most painful journey you ever make. Yet I assure you that if you will trust your process and dare to own your journey, it will be the best journey you ever make and the greatest gift you ever received.
Today I am proud of the woman I have become! I found my calling and became an emotional wellness coach specialising in abuse and trauma recovery. Just last night I finished a goal setting masterclass called “Amplify” and the result was amazing! I mean I still got a call this afternoon from someone and in his words he said, “I dare say you are not only gifted but you are graced”.
I thank God for giving me the beautiful gift but I have had to work hard to sharpen and shape that gift. I didn’t get here by chance darling, I got here by design and intentionality. It was a hard, long and sometimes painful journey but it is sooooo worth it!
Take a pause, step back and ask yourself: Am I living my life on auto-pilot or I am consciously and intentionally owning my journey and writing my own story in the sand of time? The truth is your legacy is not some huge philanthropic act you do when you are finally as rich as Bill Gates and about 80years. Your legacy is the impact you have on everyone that crosses your path, it is the outpouring of yourself in fulfilling your purpose knowing fully well that you are an important part of that big puzzle. It is the little acts of love, kindness and compassion you pour out to the world on a daily basis. It is in the transformation that you bring into your life, your family, community and your nation. It is in the meaningful contribution you make in someone’s life and that simple touch that says I truly love you.
I challenge you to raise your standards, live from the fullest part of you, dare to be authentic and live intentionally😍😍😍
P.S: This is my last post for the year 2017 and I use this opportunity to say thank you to my loved ones, friends,mentors, spiritual leaders, fans and clients. Thanks for being a part of my journey, for love, support and laughter. I love you all and wish you a prosperous new year.


4 thoughts on “Amplify

  1. What a moving story or do I call it a testimony. But thanks be to God that we have a second chance to rewrite our story or right the wrong. For this we must be eternally grateful to God. Others are not so lucky.
    Welcome to year 2018. Its a new dawn. Amen.
    I believe, that our educational curriculum is highly limited in addressing the challenges of the 21st century. A repackaging is urgently required. I am in the educational sector and I am very worried about the trend. I have being trying to work on something in the recent past. God will help me.
    Bible said if the foundation be destroyed what can the righteous do. Three things I think are critical for young fellows as they step into their twenties:
    1. Grace: God in the Race of life. They that do know their God, shall be strong and do exploit. Sufficient knowledge of Him is key, because tgr journey is far.
    2. Divine Direction: Early discovery of destination and purpose in life is also a major requirement. When you know where you are going, journey is enjoyable and restful. This will also inform in no small way the choice of who to marry and what time. Adam was engaged with a vision/purpose, then he needed an help meet. Eve came! This is the protocol. Unfortunately the reverse is what we have now. God have mercy.
    3. Attitude. A book could be written on this. But this generation believes in ‘replace it’ rather than ‘fix it’. They want it ‘ready made’, fast this, fast that, some described it as the ‘ ‘indomie’ generation. Impatient! We need to be resilient. We are all imperfect bunch moving towards perfection.
    I believe if armed with the above amongst others, we would go far and have joy. God is faithful.
    This is your year, your story is changing in Jesus name. Amen

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    1. Hmmm…the educational system is broken all over the world sir! Infact I would rather say all human system is broken. We are mostly just doing trial and error. Like you rightly pointed out sir, the foundation is faul
      faulty. The family unit is the bedrock of all society and it is under siege!

      You are doing a great job and I pray grace upon you sir! While grace, divine direction and attitude is key to success, I believe that our society mainly suffers from lack of identity. Adam engaged his purpose because he understood his identity.

      Amen to the prayers! Thanks again for reading sir.


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