The grave happens to be the richest place on earth because it contains loads of unfulfilled purpose. Purpose is not just a cute word carved out by some wannabe “thought leader”, it is the reason for your existence! The only reason God deems it fit to keep you alive is because of your purpose. Without purpose abuse is inevitable, without purpose you are not useful to yourself or the world in general. God has created you for a purpose otherwise he wouldn’t! The family you were born to, the experiences you have been through, the people in your life, the resources available to you and the talents, giftings & ability in you is not an accident, it is so that you can fulfill your purpose. It is intentional! God is counting on you, destinies are waiting for your manifestation and generations are waiting to be blessed by what you carry inside of you.

No one is born without a purpose, make no mistake about that. Our purpose can only be found in God, our maker. You can only truly understand and fulfill your purpose by asking God and searching the scriptures. When Apple manufactures a new gadget such as iPhone, they inform the public about the functions it can perform and when you buy one it comes with a manual. The bible in Colossians 1:16-18MSG, “We look at this son and see God’s original purpose in everything created. For everything, absolutely everything, above and below, visible and invisible, rank after rank of angels- everything got started in him and finds its purpose in him”. 

You were started in God, he determined everything about you down to the minutest details. Finding that purpose requires you to know him, trust him and walk with him. He wants to express his love and the fullness of his power through you. He created you to love on you, he made you his kind that he may enjoy fellowship with you, he made you that the splendor of his power and grace is make known on earth through you. In him is everything you seek. 

Until you find that purpose, the reason for your existence, nothing else matters. Nothing is as important, it is your essence, the very life you live! Not education, wealth, career, marriage or material possession is as important because until you live a life of purpose you have not started living. Do you even know that you get to give account of your purpose, your life assignment before God? Yes you do! When you are not running with purpose, you run empty! Life becomes boring and monotonous. 

Find your purpose before you find a partner, you will be glad you did…

Prayer: Lord I pray with everyone that you help us find you and allow you to guide us into your purpose. Father bring clarity into our heart and help us to focus on you as you guide our steps. Amen.


6 thoughts on “The Purpose Series I.0: Higher Calling 

  1. Wow! Impactful! May you go higher in Wisdom and Understanding Sis mi.. and Big AMEN to all the prayers.


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