This post is especially for every single lady out there looking, waiting and praying for a suitable man. I hope you are able to apply this key point to your life and that it helps you make informed decisions about choosing right.

One of the most troubling question I had back in the days was, how do you know a man is born again? That was because I would date this tongue-speaking, bible carrying, church going dude and say to myself thank God I finally found someone who will do it with me God’s way. Then before I know we have done it our own way, messed it up real bad and back to square zero. It happened a few times, I desperately wanted to choose the right person and do my relationship God’s way but I didn’t know how. Over the years I have also had my friends ask me the same question. It is a very important question that must be answered because the person you choose sets the tone for the outcome of the relationship. I didn’t know the answer until I started to walk with God and apply myself to God’s word.

I believe the most important criteria will be choosing not just a born again but a man with a progressive relationship with Christ. He’s got to be a man who is consistent in his fellowship and communion with the father. How do you know that he has a relationship with Christ? John 15:8; Matthew 7:20- A godly man produces kingdom fruit and the bible said by their fruit you shall know them! So the best way to know any man is through the fruits he bears. A godly man would not tell you that it is ok to experiment with sex because he understands that his body  is the temple of the Holy Spirit and he has been renewed in his thinking. A godly man leads you in building godly characters in and out of church because he understands that he is the church and the bible people read. He leads in his relationship with the father and he’s willing to share it with you.

Also this man has learned the art of fellowship and communion with Christ and he clearly hears divine instruction and obeys them. So from time to time he shares divine directives with you and help you confirm those things God speaks to you about. He’s sharp in the spirit! A godly man will not be scared or shy to share his faith and word of God in a non-offensive way with you and others around him. This man has godly convictions, that is, value system based on God’s word that governs his life. There are just some things he won’t compromise on, he’s not blown around by every wind. He won’t mess about or cheat not because you are beautiful but because he fears God.

A godly man is submitted to the Lordship of God in reverence, of his parents in honour and of the set men(pastors/mentors) in his life in authority. Therefore he won’t make his decisions in haste but carefully seek God and confirm with these people. Even his decision to marry you will pass through the right process of confirmation and listening to godly counsels. A submitted man is a blessing like David the King, he seeks godly counsel before taking any step. He is a man with a solid support system, a group of godly people who keeps it real with each other by being accountable. He understands that he’s human and the devil thrives where there is secrecy and lies so he keeps it 100 at all times!

This man knows to accept his fault and make things right with his maker and people around him when he’s out of line. He’s spiritually strong, emotionally beautiful and intellectually sound. He understands kingdom principles of giving, leadership, management and excellence and daily strives to live by them. He is a man of purpose, he’s got visions and dreams aligned with God’s word concerning him.You think he’s perfect? No he ain’t perfect, he has learnt not to conform to worldly patterns but instead be renewed by his word. He makes mistakes but he accepts them when corrected in love. You won’t have to cajole him to pray, go to church or study the bible because he understands they are not just activities. He’s got an understanding of times and seasons so he prepares ahead of time. Here for me is the most romantic attribute he has, he prays for you, with you and over you!

I know you read this post and thought I don’t think this kind of men exist! It seems like she just described Jesus😀. Then you rolled your eyes 🙄 and said I’ll die single if I keep looking for him. The news is you don’t do the looking…Once you allow God pick you up, wash you, test you and get you ready he’ll bring the right one your way and give you wisdom to choose right. Mind you, to get his kind means you are also getting yourself ready and following the same process because it’s a two way street. 

Here is a prayer I pray when God began to teach me about relationships: I pray that the man you have prepared for me is one whose heart is stayed on you, aligned to your will and purpose for his life and loves you more than he will ever love any human being. Lord model your love to him, teach him to love, to lead and to build in Jesus Name. Amen

I pray for you that God gives you patience to wait for a godly man, discernment to choose right and wisdom to not choose based on fleeting qualities. I also pray that you are found doing the will of the father and pursuing purpose in Jesus Mighty name. 

For every man reading this article I pray that God gives you grace to serve him faithfully, bear godly fruits and be the man he has created you to be. Amen. 


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