Doing the right thing at all times irrespective of who is doing wrong is my value challenge for this week. One of the ways I choose to do the right thing is by standing for what is right and lending my voice to it.

So I join my voice to that of women all over the world to say domestic violence is wrong on all levels, abuse is totally unacceptable in all its forms, shapes and sizes! I don’t care what the woman has done but no one should be abused or violated, No one deserves that! 

Also it is wrong that when abuse or violence happens especially in marriage we are quick to judge. Wait who made you the judge? When did you become the Holy Spirit (arinurode olumoran okan) that you sit upon your high horse to pass careless comment over what you know nothing about? What if you are going through worse and you choose to stay there? That is totally your choice but doesn’t have to be another person’s story.

Wake up women! Stop tearing each other down! There’s so much we achieve if we come together to fight this plague that threatens our existence. Let’s start from teaching our children especially boys to become responsible adults. Let’s not only teach but model the love of Christ to them in the way we treat our maids, cooks, driver and everyone around us. Let our male children learn to do chores, allow them to be vulnerable, let them learn compassion, kindness and empathy through your character. Let’s join hands to raise men of character whose hearts are not raised unto vanity.

Please and please stop advising our daughters, sisters and mothers to stay in abusive relationships.  Even if it is not physical abuse that you can easily see the scars, other forms of abuse are real and just as potent. Emotional scars are more difficult to heal. There are loads of women in mental facilities just because of these issues. Some women say they are staying for the sake of their children. Really? You are damaging those children by putting them in a toxic environment. You are making their lives miserable and planting the wrong seeds in them. 

Finally to all women being abused, please seek help! You only have one life and trust me God wants you to live happy. Don’t allow anyone use religion to bamboozle you o! God is not mocked!!! God is first of all a loving, compassionate father whose mercy endureth forever. Your life is more important to your God than divorce. Don’t be a statistics, please run for help if you are being abused. At least pity your parents and don’t make them mourn over you even if you hate yourself so much!

A word is enough for the wise!!! Shalom.


One thought on “Run for Your Life ❗

  1. Thank God women are speaking up these days unlike before…. May God help us to always do the right thing at all times. Thanks Sis. More grace IJN.


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