I Olutola Comfort arise! My light is shining for all to see

For the glory of the Lord is rising upon me

Even when thick darkness covers every nations of the earth, the glory of the Lord rises over Olutola Comfort 

All nations of the earth come to my light; mighty kings are coming to catch a glimpse of my radiance

My sons are coming from distant lands and my daughters carried home.

My eyes are shining and my heart thrills with joy

Merchants from around the world are bringing me the wealth of many lands

Every nation, tribe and race worship God as they behold his wonders in my life

The Lord has filled Comfort with splendor therefore men honours God in me.

Foreigners rebuilds my towns, kings will serve me

For through grace God has looked upon me with mercy

The gates of Olutola Comfort is perpetually open day and night to receive the wealth of many lands 

I beautify the tabernacle of the Lord with my wealth because in his mercy he has made me mega financier in his kingdom 

Those who despised me are now kissing my feet and the descendants of my tormentors will come and bow before me

I Olutola Comfort is called the city of the Lord and Zion of the Holy One of Israel

I was once despised with no one travelling through me but God has made me beautiful forever, I’m now the joy of many generations 

Now I know that the Lord, my redeemer is the Mighty one of Israel. Therefore powerful kings and mighty nations satisfy my every need.

He has exchanged my bronze for gold; my iron for silver; my wood for iron

Peace is my leader and righteousness my ruler

Violence, strife, desolation and destruction has disappeared from my land

Salvation surrounds me like city walls and everyone who enters give God praise

The Lord is my everlasting light so the light of the moon and sun is irrelevant 

The sun of Olutola Comfort will no longer set and her moon will no longer go down

My days of mourning has ended and the Lord has planted me and my family with his own hands in our rightful place

We flourish and reign in righteousness, our lives bring God glory

Our small family has become a thousand and God is transforming us into a mighty nation

The Lord is making it happen for now is the appointed time and all is to the glory of his holy name!

*Please personalise and confess this as much as God gives you grace. Remember words are seeds and what you plant is what you harvest. Grace to you😘


One thought on “Everlasting Light 

  1. You don claim ham Sharp Sharp! Thanks for sharing this Sis! So shall it be for us all in Jesus name AMEN


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