Yay! It’s my first post and I’m so excited to be starting this journey with all the amazing people out there. For so long I struggled with the idea of writing a blog. It seemed like too much work is involved and somehow I convinced myself I didn’t have enough to say. At other times, the thought of writing fills me with so much fear, the fear of failure, the fear of exposing too much, the fear of the Unknown all kept me bound. Unfortunately fear didn’t just hold me back for so long but I allowed it to conquer me. I convinced myself I’m not a good writer and I have nothing interesting to tell people so I totally abandoned the idea of blogging.

So how did I end up here? What changed? I woke up yesterday feeling burdened in my spirit, I was just not in a good place and throughout the day I struggled. As I laid on my sofa introspecting, I felt a tug in my spirit to start a blog. The amazing thing was without much thought I downloaded WordPress and here I am. I believe what changed was the prompting of the Holy Spirit, he nudged me and I took action. So I woke up this morning with so much clarity about the direction of my blog and I committed it into God’s hand.

This blog is about my transformational journey through life. How I made the connection between my spirituality, my purpose and my relationships. As I write and you read, I pray that God finds expression through my words, that grace flows from this blog to every reader and that the light of God’s word shines into every darkness, illuminating every heart and transforming lives.


12 thoughts on “Transformed: Spirituality, Purpose & Relationship

  1. Eyes have not seen, ears have not heard……neither has it entered into the hearts of men……God”s plans and purposes of this new born baby…. Have fun as you journey through the process.

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